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High quality filament from eSUN a world leader in producing consistent high quality filaments with high tolerances in roundness and diameter, as well as other 3D printing products. They invented the first nozzle cleaning product that really works, which is used to clean out the nozzle when you change from one type of filament material or color to another.
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Product Description :   Print Temperature 220 - 260CBed Temperature - 105 -110CPrint Base Material - Acrylic/ABSRaft Required - Optional    Specification: - 1.75mm (Accuracy:1.7-1.8mm) - 3.00mm (Accuracy:2.9-3.0mm)   Characteristics: - Stable performance. Strong Construction. High strength, Good toughness, Easy to colour, Corrosion resistance and heat resistance.  Scratch resistance.  The...
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Product Description :  ABS + Printing Parameters Best print temperature: 210-250 °COn glass nozzle temp best prints 245 - 250°C Bed temperature: 105 - 110 °C Feed rate: 30-90mm/s Idling speed: 90-150mm/s   Specification: - 1.75mm (Accuracy:1.7-1.8mm) Characteristics: - With good melt mobility and smooth printing. - With high toughness,...
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Non-toxic, and environmentally  friendly. Printing temp. is between 190~220℃. We Supply Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction, Fast Shipping Size 0.5KG  This Filament has real bronze powder inside.  We recommend using our esun cleaning filament after using the bronze filament to completely clean out your nozzle/s. We also recommend using hardened nozzles to help...
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The 3D printing Industry's first nozzle cleaning filament used to clean out left over filament of different types left inside your nozzle after a print. Printing ABS after printing PLA for example, the PLA that's left in the nozzle could get burned while in the nozzle because of the higher...
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Best print temperature: 200-240 °CBed temperature: 100-110 °C Feed rate: 30-90mm/s Idling speed: 90-150mm/s   About eABS Max 1. The appearance is black, nontransparent; 2. Non-toxic, tough, hard texture, with good temperature tolerance and creep resistant; 3. Good melt fluidity, prints smoothy, nice abrasive resistance and dimensional stability, oil resistance;...
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- 1.75mm (Accuracy:1.7-1.8mm)- 3.00mm (Accuracy:2.9-3.0mm) eFlex is a kind of transparent soft elastic material, with high flexibility and very high mechanical strength (flexural tensile resistance), wear resistance, aging resistance. It is also very resistant to chemical resistance, water resistance oil and solvent resistance. Not only that, eFlex also has a...
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Material Type eLastic Machine Model MakerBot, Makergear, etc Extruders Temp:210-230℃ Buildplate Temp:Unheated Speed while extruding:15-30mm/s Speed while traveling:90-150mm/s Color:Natural Number of Shell 3-5 - 1.75mm (Accuracy:1.7-1.8mm) - 1.Nontoxic; - 2.high flexibility and elasticity; - 3.Works better with PLA. - 1kg /spool, Application Widely used in sports equipment,industrial parts, parts information,...
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Specification: Best Print Temperature: 190-210℃. Print bed temperature: 0/65℃ . Printing speed: 30 ~ 90mm/s. Free speed: 90~150mm/s. Added stainless steel to the PLA printing filament  eSteel has the look of grey steel after polishing.  This environmentally friendly filament can be used as easily as PLA, its hard to break and easy to print, there isn’t hardly any warping and cracking...
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Non harmful, non-toxic, and environment friendly. Printing temp. is 190~220℃. We Guarantee Customer Satisfaction, Fast Shipping Please Note that Flex Filaments are soft.  You may need to take special steps to ensure a smooth printing of flex materials, no matter where you buy it from. Some common steps people take to print...
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Temp Blue
Temp Grey
UV Purple
UV Red
Print Temperature - 190 - 220°CBed Temperature - None or 60°C The Color-Change by UV Red to Natural is more of a pinkish red than a true red when exposed to the sun.The Color-Change by UV Purple to Natural turns to purple when exposed to the sun.The Color-Change by Temperature. Blue to Natural turns...
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Specification: - Print temperature: 200~220℃.- Print bed temperature: 40 ℃Print . - Print bed: Stick masking paper or equivalent. - Printing speed: 30 ~ 60mm/s.   1.0kg Roll Characteristics: - Environmentally friendly and odorless when printing. - Less Shrinkage, printing products without warped edge. - Lower molding temperature, better mobility, and easy processing. - Printed product’s surface shows a metal texture after polishing Contains over 60% copper...
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- Biodegradable;- Better suppleness;- Low temperature printing Best printing temperature of eMate is 80~100℃Bed Temperature Cold Non Toxic, environmentally friendly bio-polyester.Can be remodeled in warm water for extra fun. 0.5KG Spool
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